Manage Services and Profiles

Here you can add and remove your PMP Profiles. Click ‘Read More’ to find out how Profiles work on the PMP platform.

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What is a PMP Profile?

It is your PMP Profile Information that we will use to match you to suitable lead opportunities.

If you are adding a new PMP Profile or a new service offering we will need to go through our PMP Approval Process. Only a PMP Approved Profile will be put forward to receive Lead Alerts.

How many profiles should I have?

It is worth have several different profiles if your business offers services in different sectors or different locations e.g. if you are a plumber and an electrician create a profile for each or if you operate in two very different locations create a PMP profile for each.

What should I include in my PMP profiles?

Profile Name: This should be a descriptive title which includes your name e.g. Dave Beech – Plumbing and Heating, Reading

Services: List all the services you’d like to become PMP Approved for e.g. General Plumbing

Location: List the locations you’d like to cover e.g. Reading, Newbury, Slough, Maidenhead

Can I edit my PMP Profile?

Yes you can whilst Review is still pending. Once we have PMP Approved your Profile you need to Contact Us if you want to update. Alternatively create a new profile and remove the old one once this has been PMP Approved.